Radiate simply, the candle is burning so low for me
Generate me limply, I can`t seem to place your name, cherie
To rearrange all these thoughts in a moment is suicide
Come to a strange place, we`ll talk over old times we never spied

Work out a rhyme, toss me the time, lay me - you`re mine

Your persian eyes sparkle, your lips - ruby blue - never speak a sound
You, oh so gay, with parisian demands, you can run - around
And your view of society screws up my mind like you`ll never know
Lead me away, come inside, see my mind in kaleidoscope

Love me sublime, mangle my mind - do it in style

You`re not gonna run, baby we`ve only just begun,
baby to compromise
Slagged in a bowery saloon love`s a story we`ll serialise
Pale angel face,green-eye shadow, the glitter is outaside
No courtesan could begin to decipher your beam of light

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian

(Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel)

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